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Do You "Like" Us?

That isn't meant is some type of Kevin Arnold "do I 'like like' Winnie Cooper" type of way but, rather, in a "have I given the Cup a thumbs-up on Facebook" type. You see, we've got this page thing on the Facebooks and we'd really appreciate you "friending" or "fanning" or "liking" or whatever the hell Mark Zuckerberg's verb du jour is, to our page. Here, it looks like this:



Like it and please suggest it to whichever friends you think would dig or absolutely hate what we've got going on around here.

And, for transparency's sake, the reasons we're doing this are two-fold. First, we and our SBNation overlords think that Facebook and Twitter are both excellent ways for us to distribute our stories and further our discussion. I must admit, I was skeptical at first when they told us this about a year ago, but then I signed up for the @RedCupRebellion Twitter account and, frankly, they were beyond right. So, to expand our brand a bit more, we're beefing up our Facebook presence.

And second, we're gonna get cash money for the likes we get. Not a whole ton, mind you, but a nice little bump in pay from the network. You see, they're really into this social media stuff and, frankly, with good reason. We along with all of the SBNation sites benefit greatly by promoting ourselves on Facebook and Twitter. So, to encourage our Facebookin', we'll be compensated if we reach a certain number of "likes." 

Is this whorish? Sure. Is this selfish? Only halfway, because literally the only things that we've ever selfishly used our blollars on are tickets to various Rebel sporting events. Outside of that, it all goes into improving Red Tent Rebellion*, which we'll be having a few of over the next couple of months (more is naturally to come on that). Monies earned by any advertisements or SBNation promotions only serve to the enhancement of the blog, benefit of our guests, and the detriment to everyone's livers. Promise.

So log into Facebook and do what a couple-hundred Cuppers already have and "like" our page. We've recently started pumping some of our stories onto the page's wall and would love for Facebook to serve a lot in the same way our Twitter feed already does, namely as an annoying reminder of everything that's going on not only here but in the wide world of Rebel sports.

And, hey, if it gets too annoying, you can just edit us out of your news feed anyway, amirite?  

Red Cup Rebellion on Facebook!


*See: Chick-Fil-A nuggets trays and handles of bourbon.