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RED CUP RADIO and Other Radio Notes


This image is a liar, because we're not having the show at 8PM Central tonight. We will, instead, have it at 7PM Central so that Red Cup Radio and Roll Bama Roll's Radio Hour-ish will not interfere. Why mustn't they interfere, you inquire? Because one of them will appear as a guest on our show before we return the favor shortly thereafter. Double podcast all the way across the Intranets.

Is there a topic you'd like us to discuss with the folks at Roll Bama Roll? Are there questions you'd like us to toss their way? If so, drop them in the comments thread. Anything will be considered, but I can't guarantee I'll ask "Hey Kleph, do u liek to eat poop" so do what you can to keep it classy.

Also, this evening, I will be appearing on Richard Cross' Sports Talk to nervously stammer on for ten minutes or so. The topic du jour? Alabama vs. Ole Miss. So give it a listen at 4:15 PM Central time and be sure to let me know how horrible I am at this.