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Rebel Roundup - October 12, 2010

Alabama WR Julio Jones Breaks Hand, Status Uncertain For Ole Miss |
Julio Jones suffered a broken hand against South Carolina. Regarding this upcoming Saturday, his playing status is listed as "uncertain" meaning that he'll probably catch two touchdowns. Or not. I've always thought the guy was overrated anyway. [HATE HATE HATE] [Oh, and DJ Fluker might be out as well. The culprit: gravity.]

Rebels' Feisty Powe says Tide Can Be Had at Home | Veazey
What's this, Jerrell?

I think they got exposed, you know what I mean? Showed that they're a one-dimensional team, that they run the ball really well, and I think South Carolina did a good job of stuffing the run and they really couldn't get nothing going after they got stopped...I think they tried to come out and do the same thing they did against Arkansas - tried to wear South Carolina down with the run - but I think South Carolina did a great job of persevering through the whole game.

Not like you care or anything, Jerrell, but you so pissed some folks off with that. Here, for example:

Five-Step Drop: Ole Miss Trash Talking Bama? Really? | NCAAFB FanHouse
I know that whoever wrote this isn't necessarily an Alabama fan, and I don't necessarily agree with Powe's assertion that Alabama was "exposed" as an away opponent against a very talented and well-coached South Carolina team, but the tone of this piece's first section, a reaction to Powe's aforementioned assessment of Alabama, is so bullshitty and whiny and beyond typical of Alabama. It's just so very much a "THE FUCK?! HOW DARE ANYONE QUESTION THE TAHD!?" type of a reaction, which is certainly annoying. [HATE HATE HATE]

Ole Miss notes: Bye week 'came at a really good time,' Nutt says |
Nutt says bye weeks can be good and bad, but we got more good out of bad this go-around. Why? We suffered a lot of concussions against Kentucky and players needed some time to recover. Now, considering that, imagine what the cranial condition of our players will be after attempting to endure the meat grinder that is Alabama.