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SEC Power Poll Ballot Revisited

Excellent Heisman pose, Cam.
Excellent Heisman pose, Cam.

Let's compromise. In my ballot released yesterday, I had the South Carolina Gamecocks at number one with the Auburn Tigers at number two. Some of y'all agreed, while many of you others labeled my assertion of the current state of SEC power as "balderdash". So let's meet somewhere in the middle.

I still feel that South Carolina deserves the number one spot in the Power Poll. They look as good as anyone and have proven their mettle as a top-flight program for 2010. Auburn, though, did defeat the Gamecocks in a sloppy-ish game two weeks ago on the Plains of Alabama and, to date, remain the only undefeated SEC team aside from the wackiest bunch of zany Les Miles has ever cooked up. So let us, for this week, say that the Gamecocks and the Tigers are number one?

I'm sure that whoever tallies the votes for this thing might not appreciate us snarksters for this, but we are allowed to vote using ties. Typically, such a rare occurrence takes place when there are two teams in the middle-tier who just don't fit anywhere but between 6 and 7, but, if y'all are cool with it, both Auburn and Sakerlina will get RCR's number one vote with Bama pulling up the three spot?

That would look something like this:

  1. South Carolina and Auburn
  3. Alabama
  4. LSU
  5. Arkansas
  6. Florida
  7. State
  8. Ole Miss
  9. Vanderbilt
  10. Kentucky
  11. Georgia
  12. Tennessee

You'll also notice that I swapped Ole Miss and Vanderbilt at the 8 and 9 spots. Why? Because fuck 'em, that's why.