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SEC Power Poll Ballot

The OBC ain't gone nowhere.
The OBC ain't gone nowhere.

Saturday was incredibly fun and interesting in the SEC. Unfortunately though for those of us who have to put together these here types of ballots, such a Saturday makes things all the more confusion. I tried to get it right, but I don't think that's at all possible. Here's my one through twelve and, if you would, let me know where I went wrong. Thanks.

  1. South Carolina - Fans and players of the 'Cocks were kicking themselves after fumbling a victory into Auburn's hands. Those feelings probably went away after Saturday.
  2. Auburn - Handled their trap game quite well.
  3. Alabama - Dear Greg McElroy, Welcome to the club where shit doesn't always work out for you. Signed, Humanity.
  4. LSU - How do they keep winning?
  5. Arkansas - Texas A&M is actually somewhat good at football so, for the Hogs, their win over the Aggies was certainly something to hang their plastic pig hats on.
  6. Florida - I really digged the orange Jerseys on Saturday night. Other than that, Florida didn't have too much going for them against the Tigers.
  7. Mississippi State - After six weeks, I'd say that this team is the SEC team we all know the least about. There's potential for significant movement here in both directions.
  8. Vanderbilt - Vandy benefits solely from beating a bad EMU team while Ole Miss had a bye.
  9. Ole Miss - Did y'all have good weekends? I know I did. I relaxed and watched football and I fell asleep after putting a pizza in the oven and let it catch fire for a couple of hours. You?
  10. Kentucky - Put up a helluva fight against Cameron Newton and Auburn in Commonwealth Stadium.
  11. Georgia - Beating Tennessee ain't what it used to be.
  12. Tennessee - Inept, undersized, untalented, etc.