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Another Blogger Q and A with Anything But Gatorade

 Anything but Gatorade, blogmigos of the Cup, are a bit more laid back and snarky than their A Sea of Blue counterparts. Don't believe me? Check out the questions of mine which they answered below and follow this link right here to see their questions which I answered.

1. If a Kentuckian and Mississippian were to meet and exchange wares, what would be a proper going price for two handles of Maker's Mark? Would it be three plates of fried catfish and $50 in chips at Tunica? Some sort of non-BP tainted seafood? Miscellaneous and overtly tacky Elvis Presley merchandise of debatable quality? And let's not let those floppy hats your lady-folk wear or thoroughbred semen make their way to the bargaining table in this one - we Mississippians couldn't afford something as fancified.

Thoroughbred semen is a hot commodity [ED: get it?],  let me tell you.  Two handles of Makers runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $100, or roughly 50% of the sticker price any Ole Miss co-ed spends on a pair of sunglasses for tailgates.  I'm not really sure what Mississippi is actually famous for aside from the river and dead writers, so I'll take the catfish and chips, thanks! [ED: A river, dead writers, catfish, casinos, musicians... that's really it.]
2. How long, on average, will it take a Kentucky fan visiting Oxford to refrain from mentioning basketball in any form? How about an over/under at 30 minutes?

30 minutes?  I'll take the under on that all day.  If there wasn't a lot going on with the team (a la The Gillispie Era) then you might not hear as much about it.  But srsly, I think the line would be better positioned at 5 minutes, and I'd probably still take the under.
3. What is Joker Phillips' real name? It's not really Joker, is it?
I actually had to look that up because I never bothered to ask, myself.  It's Joseph, but call him that and he'll plow you two feet into the turf.  Only Mama Phillips gets to call him Joseph.

4. The game kicks off at 11:20 AM. The Rebels play poorly during early games because we're not un-hungover enough to give a damn. What about Kentucky? How do early games impact the 'Cats? Additionally, what's worse: mass starvation, or 11:20 AM kickoffs?

Kentucky is pretty accustomed to early kickoffs, but more the 1:30 pm variety.  This is due to the fact that the Cats have nearly always been awful and in the pre-WWL x 40 era, there was no way a national network was going to broadcast our games.  That being said, I think they play better at night, and I have no data whatsoever to support this. 

I'd rather starve than have to play football before noon, btw.  That's the shittiest thing I've ever heard, and I've been to Vanderbilt games on multiple occasions.

5. Louisville is terrible at football. How exciting is that for Kentucky fans?

It's pretty awesome.  Living around here five years ago, or two Petrino stops ago, was terrible because the dirty birds were pretty much better than us at basketball, and their football team was light years ahead of us.  Kragthorpe was a godsend because EVERYONE knew he was awful but the Cards faithful acted like there would be no bump in the road whatsoever.  Fast forward to today and it's absolutely joyous to rib their fans about whether they'll hit the four-win mark this year.