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Rebel Roundup - October 1, 2010

Q and A With A Sea of Blue | A Sea Of Blue
I dunno if Juco linked this or not and I'm too lazy to look, so here perhaps again are his answers to Glenn's questions over at A Sea of Blue. Well done, everyone.

Clarence Jackson Suspended; Jeremy McGee Might Play | Veazey fo' Sheezy
The good-esque news, Jeremy McGee's concussion might not be all that bad and the corner may get some action in against Kentucky on Saturday. The bad news, reserve linebacker Clarence Jackson was suspended from the team indefinitely for, get this, trying to steal a 62" flatscreen from the Residential College. Really, Clay? You thought you were gonna get away with that?

"Hey, young man, what are you doing over there?"

"Oh, just carrying this television that's as large as most people... at night... why?"

It sounds like freshman shennanigannery, which I undoubtedly engaged in a lot of, but it's still pretty damn dumb.

Banged-up Rebels Seek Improved D | More Veeze

A third of the way through the season, UM is allowing the most points per game (32) of any team in the SEC. Though in the middle of the pack against the rush (113.5 yards per game), the Rebels (2-2, 0-1) are the third-worst team in the SEC against the pass, giving up 233.2 yards per game. The eight touchdowns UM has given up is the most in the league.

Yeah, I see what they mean by our seeking of an improved defense. Kentucky could scoure a bazillion on us, and just imagine what Alabama and Arkansas can do.

Bama-Florida Rivalry Looks Like LSU-Ole Miss 50 Years Ago |
An interesting and accurate perspective on what this weekend's Gators vs. Tide matchup means in the SEC and nationally as compared to the Ole Miss vs. LSU games from the '50s and '60s.

South Alabama and Ole Miss Reach Deal to Play in 2017 |
What's sad is that, as a result of the Jacksonville State game, I'll never be able to confidently watch any Ole Miss team play against anyone ever again. Ever.