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A good friend of the Cup and a valuable source of ours for insider information sent to our email address this morning a series of drawings rendered by whichever artist(s) the university has hired to design our potential new mascots. Once we got a good look at them, we were floored. They're excellent. And while we were explicity asked to not show you the following artists renderings of the three new potential Ole Miss mascots, we simply could not obey orders. I think that, after having seen these, everyone in the Ole Miss family will truly love the options we have before us, regardless of which side of the "brang back da kernel -- kill whitie" spectrum their particular feelings towards this issue lie.

Whether it be a Landshark, Bear, or Hotty Toddy (or is it Hotty and Toddy?), it truly does not matter what decision is made in the end, because the ferocious, vibrant Rebel spirit of Ole Miss athletics will be proudly represented by our new mascot.

Follow the jump - you know us well enough to know that we're not going to give up the goods right away - and see what has got us all excited this morning. 


The Landshark!


The Bear!



Hotty and Toddy! Or is it...


Hotty Toddy!*


You see what we did there? Like, we so tricked all y'all into thinking we actually had super secret "sources" who trusted us with information 'n' shit. You shoulda seen the looks on your faces.

And would you like yours to be a part of this? Do you have fifteen minutes to waste (who doesn't)? Then draw something and either email it to redcuprebellion at the gmail variety of email address - from there one of us will just add it to the post - or upload it into Photobucket or something and display it below in the comments thread. C'mon, it's Friday and you know you've got nothing better to do, so let those creative juices flow.

*This goes out to people who burst a gasket over the idea of "Hotty and Toddy" or "Hotty Toddy" as mascots. Y'all need to learn to fucking read. The initial discription was so unbelievably vague that it could have been literally anything. Sure, it could be some Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy shit, as people have alluded to. It could also be a fucking tank equipped with flamethrowers and speakers that blare Led Zeppelin that rolls around and crushes people, real live people, just for the hell of it. But because people said it could have been "a pair of animals or muppet-like characters" y'all balked and bitched and moaned. You also let people looking for a cheap laugh and dumbass State fans get to your head, which is sad. People have even said "well if Hotty Toddy becomes the mascot then I will be so pissed/not buy tickets/bitch some more/etc." which, is a little fucking ridiculous, seeing as how THE CONCEPT IS ENTIRELY IMAGINATIVE! You dolts don't even have a clue what he, she, it, or they will even look like. NONE OF US DO! Yet you're all so bullshit over it. Son of a bitch, our fans can be so stupid sometimes. And I know that maybe this makes no sense whatsoever, but there's a lot of wierd shit going on right now in my mind because it's Friday and I'm hungry. /rant