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Egg Bowl: Basketball Edition

Let's cut right to the meat of things: this Ole Miss team is overrated. WE ARE, OLE MISS. 

Chris Warren has lost a step. Terrico White can't win games by himself. Our big men aren't nearly big enough nor do they have talent to hang with Jarvis Varnado.

The Tad Smith Coliseum might be fairly full, but the fans won't get on their feet and yell nearly often enough to make a difference or make it a home-court advantage.

Plus, Andy Kennedy doesn't know how to coach. He just runs the players out there and lets their instincts take over. 

Tired of hearing all those excuses and complete garbage from State fans? Me too.

Let's get after what's really bugging Mississippi State fans:

Losses to Rider, Richmond and Western Kentucky after being a preseason ranked top 25 team. Just when it seemed that Rick Stansbury had righted the ship, WKU comes along and dumps your asses. It stings doesn't it? 

Renardo Sidney's absence from your roster. Man, he would've really helped you guys out. You'd probably have a much better chance at being undefeated. This upcoming game in Oxford might have had you as favorites rather than underdogs.

Or maybe it's because Ole Miss has started recruiting the Jackson area with some success, cutting off your lifeline to any kind of basketball success(yes, we know you went to the Final Four once, so did George Mason, go cheer for them too).

The problem is that State fans hate Ole Miss more than they love their own team. They'd rather see Ole Miss fail than Mississippi State win. It's why the Egg Bowl centers around Ole Miss losing rather than State winning. They're the other brother who balds early or can't find an above minimum wage job.

Saturday's game WHICH WILL BE ON THE SEC NETWORK AT 12:30(casual fan, read all caps), is a chance for Ole Miss to stamp their place at the top of the SEC West. After State, there comes a bevy of winnable games on the road with the schedule coming back to Oxford for later, more important games.

Hit Jarvis Varnado in his kneecaps. Tell Rick Stansbury to get a nose job. Give State fans some money, they surely need it. 

Most importantly, blow these guys out of the water Saturday.

Terrico, make Sportscenter's top 10.

Chris Warren, I want a medical crew picking up broken State ankles off the floor from your sick crossovers.

Murphy Holloway, dunk the shit out of the ball.

Reginald Buckner, block Varnado back to the third world country called Starkville and take your place as the new kid on the block(pUn InTendED!!!).

It's time for basketball season to go to the next level. Hotty Toddy.