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Remedial Rebel Roundup - JUCO Edition

SEC Bloggers rank Basketball Rebs 2nd in the SEC | Garnet and Black Attack
Yes, we did have a vote; however, we put the Rebels third. I guess we're just not as optimistic as some people who aren't accustomed to the ways of the Ole Miss Rebels. Our favorite explanation that was left out: "Tennessee - There's nothing more intimidating than defending a player that might be packing heat. Just ask Washington Wizards opponents."

What Will The Rebels Do Without Jevan Snead? | Clarion Ledger
EotC David Brandt talks a little bit about some of our other options at quarterback. If you didn't read my Thursday question post yesterday, do. roughly one minute before I published, Jevan declared for the draft, but it postulates that perhaps Nathan Stanley being our starting QB isn't such a bad thing.

Kansas holds top spot in Power Rankings; BYU cracks top 10 - Luke Winn -
We're ranked 11 in cnn's power poll.

"It can be difficult to get folks to care about hoops in the SEC West. Example: An Ole Miss beat writer for the Clarion Ledger posts a blog entry analyzing Rebels guard Chris Warren's chances of breaking the school's all-time scoring record. Three readers leave comments. The first comment is a link to a story about Tommy Tuberville's candidacy for the Texas Tech football job; the second (amazingly!) is about Warren and game tempo; and the third is about a three-star running back recruit committing to play for the Rebs' football team. Folks, you've got a better team on the hardwood in Oxford than you do on the gridiron ... might be time to pay attention."

I agree.

Alabama voted the unanimous No. 1 in AP poll - ESPN
OM Ranked 20 in final poll. That's probably a smidge too high, but whatever. It looks good to recruits. Also, in case you didn't know, recruiting actually means something for the next month. Also, this is the first time we've been ranked in both the preseason and postseason polls since 1960-something. Oh yeah, congratulations [SEC School]!

Mississippi Rebels' Jevan Snead to enter NFL draft - ESPN
This link is sooooo timely. Anyway, that's the official news.