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Rebel Roundup - 1/7/10 - BCS Title Game Edition

I Find the Ads a bit Superfluous
Does anybody else think advertisements for the BCS National Championship game on ABC are a bit unnecessary on the SBNation network?  It's not as if 99% of the people who read this blog don't already know when and where to find the game tonight.  Oh well, get money, SBN (and then give it to us, kthxbai).

SEC on Verge of Total Domination | Pat Forde, ESPN
Two responses immediately come to mind upon reading this headline: "Um, and that's supposed to be a bad thing, Pat?" and "HA WE ALREADY ARE DOMIN8IN' S-E-C S-E-C SPEEEEEEEEED!" 

Forde does make a decent point though.  No conference has ever won four national championships in a row.  If the SEC were to do that, what effect would that have on college ball?  Of course, we Rebels could only stand to benefit from continued domination, but the rest of the country must be lamenting the possibility; namely, because they don't want a bunch of NASCAR watchin', no-book readin', minority hatin' Southern people beating their ass in stuff.  /Southernstereotyp'd

Oh, and for the slow, Forde is only halfway serious with this column.

BCS National Championship Game - Alabama or Texas? | Rocky Top Talk
Will at Rocky Top Talk does what he can to tackle the dilemma most of us SEC fans are facing: although we don't like (dare I say, HATE?) Alabama, we love our conference, region, and both's magical breed of the sport we love most.  How must we proceed?  They've asked the question, so I'd encourage you to not only vote in the poll, but drop some discussion in the comments thread.

South Panola's Parker Commits | Clarion Ledger
The Batesville pipeline continues, as three-star tailback Nick Parker has committed to the Rebs.  I'm pretty sure we've mentioned this before, but here's the "official" story on it.

Bulldogs will Challenge in the West, UK Overall | Kyle Veazy
David Brandt's Mississippi State counterpart, Kyle "I graduated from Ole Miss" Veazy, looks at the rest of the SEC to determine just who the contendors will be.  Basically, he concludes that the SEC West, as it appears right now, is a race between the Magnolia State's two SEC member institutions.  Therefore, Saturday's SEC opening matchup of Mississippi State at Ole Miss is very important.  Very.  Go to the damned game.  Unless you're having surgery or getting married or tending to a sick brother or something, you haven't an excuse.