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RCR's Stats for 2009

Our blog overlords at SBNation have compiled fantastic data for all of their various sports communities and with you, faithful drinkers of the Cup, we would like to share what they found.

During 2009:

New Members


Total Comments

12208 (33.4 daily)

Total Stories

954 (2.6 daily)

Total FanPosts


Total FanShots


Most Active Commenters

User Count
The Ghost of Jay Cutler 1362
Juco All-American 577
BimBamOleMissByDamn 510
unidentified black male 390
Role Player 320
Thile 224
Ivory Tower 222
Hunter C. 217
Queen Hoka-Hotty-Toddy 202
tlcreb17 192

Most Stories

User Count
The Ghost of Jay Cutler 442
Juco All-American 171
Ivory Tower 129
BrianWalker'sElbow 81
One Man To Beat 69
Whiskey Wednesday 29
The One That Got Away 25
Red Solo Cup 8

Most FanPosts

User Count
BimBamOleMissByDamn 17
sutpens100 9
25 Days a Week 7
Role Player 7
smeargle 5
18 or under 4
unidentified black male 4
the_drake 3
ProphetMB 3
Thile 2

Most FanShots

User Count
The Ghost of Jay Cutler 73
Juco All-American 20
BimBamOleMissByDamn 16
smeargle 14
Ivory Tower 8
Hunter C. 7
AR Rebel 7
The Mahatma 6
kleph 4
the_drake 4


While we are nowhere close to being the biggest college sports blog out there--let alone most well written, funniest, or astute--we are proud with what we have accomplished.  We truly feel that we cover the team we all love with a well put together, fan-centric perspective unlike any other and we are very thrilled that so many of you obviously feel the same. 

Thanks.  Here's to an even greater 2010.