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Rebel Roundup - 1/6/10

Ole Miss Gets Easy Win | Clarion Ledger
From the somewhat arbitrarily-defined yet undeniably dastardly Enemy of the Cup, David Brandt, comes the Clarion Ledger's take on last night's victory over the Knights (or Medieval Robocops) of Central Florida. 

White, Ole Miss dominate UCF | The Sports Network
Here's a neutral take from a site with dark, cluttered graphics and a bunch of distractions!  Enjoy.

NFL: Michael Oher tops final list | ESPN
Every week, Jeremy Green of ESPN compiles a power-ranking of sorts with the NFL's rookies.  He says that, if it were up to him, he'd give the Rookie of the Year award to Rebel great Michael Oher.  Also, 10th on his list, Mike "Burnell" Wallace.

But, the award went to Percy Harvey (with Wallace actually receiving a vote) anyway.  Go Gata.

Recruiting Roundup | Team Speed Kills
Just as you'd expect, we're about middle-of-the-pack right now.  We've got a few more prospects to ink, and sources are saying that South Panola Halfback Nick Parker committed to the Rebs just a few hours ago.  Parker (a sign-and-place, per sources), along with the other prospects we anticipate will sign with Ole Miss should give us a respectable, if not strong recruiting class.