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Rebel Roundup - 1/4/10

Cotton Bowl Post Game... coming whenever.  Yeah, I know.  Shutup.

Cotton Bowl - Photo Galleries | The Commercial Appeal
C'mon, the link is self explanitory, folks.

Bowl Roundup - McCluster and Ole Miss Turn Back Oklahoma State in Cotton Bowl |
Saturday was a pretty big day for Dex.  200+ all-purpose yards, two touchdowns, and some significant spots in the record books.  His 86 yard touchdown run was the 2nd longest in Cotton Bowl history, his 3,921 all-purpose yards became the 2nd highest total in Rebel history (imagine if he hadn't sustained a concussion during the earliest weeks of his sophomore season), and he became the only player in Southeastern Conference history to rush for 1,000 and receive for 500 yards in a single season.

Instant analysis: Ole Miss 21, Oklahoma State 7 | ESPN
From ESPN, factoids:

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt becomes the first coach to win back-to-back Cotton Bowls since Lou Holtz at Notre Dame in 1993 and 1994.


Ole Miss didn’t achieve its preseason goal of contending for an SEC championship, but the Rebels claimed back-to-back 10-win seasons for the first time since 1959 and 1960.

Ok, well that isn't so much of a "factoid" as it is "false," but whatever Worldwide Leader in Sports, you know what you're talking about (no you don't)!  It is a fact, however, that Houston Nutt has won nine games in two consecutive years, something which he was never able to accomplish at Arkansas.

Ole Miss quarterbacks suffer through painful afternoon | Dallas Morning News
Jevan Snead and Nathan Stanley both struggled.  Part of that was poor playcalling which didn't allow our receivers to really get open, part of it was simply good coverage by Cowboys cornerbacks (no, really, there were like two examples of this), and another part of it was Jevan Snead being himself and Nathan Stanley being a visibly frightened redshirt freshman.

Plenty of questions surround Ole Miss heading into 2010 |
Here's a read on next season's prospects from the Sun Herald.  Read it, but remember that after last season's Cotton Bowl victory we let the media convince us that we were going to be super badasses.  Don't let them get you down this go around.

Mississippi quarterback Jevan Snead stays positive after disappointing season | ESPN Dallas
I remember seeing Jevan early this season wince with anger when he threw interceptions.  I remember seeing him sitting on the sidelines, visibly exhausted and upset, after losses.  I remember him burying his face in his towel on multiple occasions during some of our more heart-wrenching games and, presumably, weeping a few tears of self-loathing and regret.  Well, now he just doesn't seem to give much of a shit anymore.  Maybe I'm missing something here, but he just doesn't seem too beaten up with the fact that he threw as many picks as he did touchdowns this season.  Perhaps he doesn't want to lead the media onto something, or perhaps he really just doesn't care anymore.  Whatever it is, something's gotta give.

Hotty Toddy, Thieves Steal Ole Miss Cheerleader's Uniform | NBC Dallas-Fort Worth
Somewhere in the DFW Metroplex, a transvestite theif is looking at himself in a body-length mirror, applying makeup, and whispering "Hotty Toddy, big boy" over and over again.  /creepy