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Shoutouts: Cotton Bowl Weekend

Just as I did with the Egg Bowl, I would like to "to give props, ups, or whatever the damn kids are calling it these days to the various personalities we Cuppers either had the pleasure of or misfortune to encounter over the past 48 hours or so."

  • First, a big time shout goes out to my cousin and her husband for taking a vacation which coincided fantastically with the the Cotton Bowl.  Ivory Tower, Juco, Juco's wife and I all got to stay in their suburban home in Southlake (home of Greg McElroy, Chase Daniel, et al) for $free.99.
  • Kroger in Southlake, thank you for selling bottles of wine for three dollars.  No, it wasn't great wine, but it worked. 
  • Rebel Chuck, Mrs. Rebel Chuck, and the posse of Rebel Chuck all get a lifetime supply of shoutouts for helping secure and host the most badass tailgate Cowboys Stadium's Blue Lot 15 has seen.  Ivory Tower should have a photo essay up soon with all kinds of, per the words of Rebel Chuck, "goofy shit."
  • Oklahoma State fans, y'all ain't so bad.  I'm sure that if we were Sooners, Longhorns, or any other rivals you have you'd have likely been bastards but, whatever, you weren't.  Several Cowboys even stopped by our tailgate to--get this--actually discuss football instead of making air-pistols with their hands (okay they did this anyway) and saying "HA LOL @ U BITCH UR TEEMZ GUNNA LOSE."  I honestly had no unpleasant experience with a member of the Oklahoma State fan base yesterday and I think that is a new record or something.
  • Jerry Jones gets a shoutout as well for deciding to build a temple in which we may worship the sport we all love.  The stadium is the perfect microcosm of America: it's big, beautiful, confusing, loud, a bit gaudy, superfluous, and awe inspiring.
  • To David., OxpatchReb, ShitnowIworkinJackson, Halpert, and whoever else I bumped into at the tailgate or at the Anatole, it was damn fine to see y'all. 
  • To Mrs. Rebel Chuck, on top of your aforementioned lifetime supply of shoutouts, you are also owed one glass of white wine by yours truly.  I didn't mean to knock yours off of a table and send it crashing down onto the patio the Anatole.
  • A cautiously given shout out to our waitress at the Jalapeño Cafe--or whatever that damn place in Marshall, Texas was called--is in order if only for the fellatio references she made while bringing Ivory Tower his beer.  To answer the question you are now asking in your head: no, Ivory Tower did not receive fellatio from this woman.
  • Oh and Les Miles, I just wanna thank you for being you.

And now for some call-outs, demerits or whatever one would call the opposite of shoutouts.

  • Dude on the Highway 80 just outside of Dallas, yeah, you, the one who yelled at me--take a fucking look at yourself.  Shave that ugly shit off of your face, brush your teeth, and realize that I nor Ivory Tower are required to give you room with which to merge into traffic.  This is especially the case after your dumbshit mistake put you in the wrong lane of traffic.
  • Kicker for ECU, dude, seriously?  Stop being shitty.
  • Hey Whiskey Wednesday, if you're reading this, stop right now and write your post game report.  BLOGGER CALL-OUT OH SHIT!
  • And last and most certainly least: The Chinkapins.  There's a reason y'all aren't allowed to buy furniture at The Red House.

What have you to share?