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Rebel Roundup - 1/29/10

Senior Bowl: Day 3 South impressions | National Football Post
THIS JUST IN: Dexter McCluster is still a badass.  No, he ain't gonna be a part of your system.

No. 18 Ole Miss Rallies To Top Auburn 84-74 | SB Nation
This is the story stream over at the SBNation mothership concerning our victory last night on the hardwood. Juco or One Man will have more on the victory and our team's sudden and welcomed ability to win SEC road games.

Number 22 Ole Miss Rolls Auburn |
Number twenty-two?!  WHY THE NEGATIVE SLANT, AL.COM?!  Here is some Auburn-centric perspective on last night's game.  See, now that we've gone ahead and linked this, we can call ourselves "Fair and Balanced," right Shep?

Lyric Ranks in the top 100 Venues | The Daily Mississippian
Oxford's very own Lyric Theater was ranked 95th on Pollstar's Year-End Top 100 Worldwide Club Venues.  I think this is incredible.  A small-ish theater in a small, generally quiet Southern college town is one of the most frequented such venues in the entire world.  According to the article, "Oxford was the smallest market represented, and The Lyric was the only venue within the state of Mississippi to receive recognition."  The only other theaters which were a part of the list and lie anywhere near Ole Miss were the House of Blues in New Orleans and the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.  Number two on the list is DC's 9:30 club, a theater in which a certain bloggeur saw Of Montreal this one time and totally thought he was going to die via hipster suffocation. 

Silliness aside, this says a lot about Ole Miss' arts community, Oxford, and the well protected musical legacy of our fair hamlet.  Be proud, y'all.