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Rebel Roundup: 1/27/10

Insert Generic Asian Joke Here | Pete Boone
"I can't believe Pete Boone left. We have to find an offensive coordinator!" I'm sure that we'll hear that from some Clarion Ledger poster somewhere. "How could Pete possibly have not known that Cornell was going to offer Kent Austin a head coaching job 3 weeks after he turned down their first offer? We have to have a better AD. Sure, all three major sports are ranked at the moment, but that's just by the luck of Pete Boone stumbling upon the sports mecca that is Oxford, MS". That's a message board post by Fakey McSarcasm

Storm The Floor, South Carolina: Gamecocks Upset No. 1 Kentucky, 68-62 - SB Nation
So yeah. That happened. Turns out that Kentucky is beatable. I'm sure it didn't help that John Wall and Eric Bledsoe did nothing all game long. Still, this has me thinking that, perhaps, South Carolina is just a smidge better than we gave them credit for being.

YouTube - Dexter McCluster is a play maker!
Javier Arenas watches in amazement as Dexter McCluster catches a horribly thrown deep ball. I guess we'll probably miss that guy, huh?

Ole Miss Undergoing Offensive Overhaul | Chris Low
I'm generally not a big Chris Low guy, but I think this is a pretty well done article. I would rarely expect a piece done by someone who follows so many teams to mention Tim Simon, but Low attended some practices in August and probably made a mental note of Simon's fantastic power runs.

Carlos Thompson To Announce Tonight | WABG Greenville
There's no link here, because WABG's website is a joke. However, this is happening, and our money's on Ole Miss. Apparently MSU "reporters" have already informed message boardians that Thompson probably isn't going to sign with State.