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Long Awaited Crootin' Talk: Wish List

We here at Le Cup attempt to stay away from recruiting as long as possible. It's just a really easy thing in which to get crazily wrapped up, and things of this regard are so hazy and confusing for so long. Because, remember, these are teenagers; they're indecisive and naive.  However, there comes a time for speculation, and just over a week from signing day seems like the right time.

This recruiting class will be an interesting one because there is a major shift in strategy with this season when compared to the last.  Our coaches can only give out 22 new scholarships because of APR difficulties inflicted by Hurricane Orgeron. We can still sign as many as 28, but no more than 28 due to the aptly-named (and unreasonable) Houston Nutt rule.
Alphabetically, our current commitments are:
1. DT/DE Bryon Bennett
2. CB Cliff Coleman
3. DE Wayne Dorsey
4. OT Jared Duke
5. OT Terrance Hackney
6. G/C Chase Hughes
7. LB Clarence Jackson
8. S Damien Jackson
9. ATH Randall Mackey
10. LB Mike Marry
11. DT Carlton Martin
12. S Brishen Matthews
13. WR Quadarias Mireles
14. CB Eric Mitchell
15. RB Nick Parker
16. K Andrew Ritter
17. RB Jeff Scott
18. C Evan Swindoll
19. DE Mike Thomas
20. DE Cameron Whigham
While I won't speculate about sign and place candidates, let's assume that there are three on that list. Coupled with that, Mike Thomas plans to pay his own way in the fall and be placed on scholarship next January, because he's a good kid with lots of heart and a love for that helmet. That leaves us with 16 current scholarship-consuming commitments, availing 6 more scholarships for qualifiers. So here's who we wish those qualifiers would be, in order of preference from us: 
  1. OT Shon Coleman - Olive Branch, MS - 6'7" 285 lbs.
    Coleman is definitely a long shot, having been committed to Auburn for a long time, but signing the massive offensive lineman from Olive Branch wouldn't surprise me too much. Olive Branch is less than an hour from Oxford, which is always a big draw. Sure, he's already committed, and it's likely that he'll stick with that commitment, but he's probably not as unlikely a signing as some think.
    Coleman will probably take a year to develop in the weight room, but signing him would really help solidify a weak spot. While we may have a good number of offensive tackles on roster, that doesn't neessarily mean we're pleased with what we have. Coleman would be a huge addition to the class.
  2. WR Vincent Sanders - Macon, MS - 6'3" 182 lbs.
    Pat Patterson's former teammate from Noxubee County High School was rumored to nearly commit to us before Patterson had even done so. Then he didn't. A longtime Rebel lean, I expect Sanders to announce for the Rebels on signing day, but I wouldn't be surprised if he goes with MSU or FSU either. He plays the game exceptionally well and doesn't give many hints about where he's going.
    Sanders appears to have a bit more speed than Patterson, though he doesn't make as many circus catches as Pat. Since Patterson's problem this year was his inability to gain separation from defensive backs, I'll sacrifice hands a little bit to get more speed from a receiver.
  3. CB Tony Grimes - Hollywood, FL - 5'11" 166 lbs.
    I like this kid's name.  It sounds like a fictional police officer from a Road to Perdition type of film. That being said, he also plays cornerback, a major need for the Rebels. He claims to have narrowed his choices to Ole Miss, Michigan, and Maryland, but in reality it appears that he has narrowed it down to simply Ole Miss. He didn't like his trip to Michigan, and Maryland was a long shot from the beginning. Losing a star after shying away from Michigan, Grimes was once rated as the #10 corner in the country by If you have followed Ole Miss recruiting over the years, you know that the one thing we can never ever sign is a corner that is wanted by other programs. It looks like with Cliff Coleman already in the bag and Grimes a likely commitment, we could actually sign two or three.
    Grimes appears to be a hard hitter who covers adequately.
  4. DE Carlos Thompson - Hollandale, MS - 6'5" 220 lbs.
    As we have spectulated, Thompson is likely a Rebel commit to be. His announcement could come as early as today. With the defensive linemen that we have recently lost and those that we will soon lose, it was important to restock, and this signing class has certainly done that. The coaches have commitments from several elite defensive linemen, and I'm sure Tyrone Nix is excited about that. Thompson is an edge rusher, but he'll probably need to redshirt in year one. 220 pounds is not going to work in the SEC.
  5. CB Dequan Menzie - Columbus, GA - 5'11" 200 lbs.
    We at the Cup are always wary of junior college transfers. That's why I have Menzie placed so low on this wish list. If he could have been here in January, he would be higher, but with only a summer to learn the plays, his first year would likely be one of significant struggle. Then you get one quality year out of a signee. It's just not worth it very often. Menzie is considering Ole Miss and Alabama, and my money's on the latter.
  6. OT Damien Robinson - Olive Branch, MS - 6'8" 330 lbs.
    How the mighty have fallen. Robinson has gone from a wanted man to the point where he probably doesn't have a commitable offer from Alabama and may not even have one from the Rebels. I'd like to sign the guy, just because we can't let players of his size in the state get away from us. my money is on Mississippi State with this one though. And boy do they need him. They have one offensive line commitment right now having only signed two last year.

So that's the wish list. Be sure to check back for more recruiting information later. this week and next. Is there anyone I've left off that you would put in your top six?