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Rebel Roundup - 1/26/10 - Brief News and Notes

SEC teams aiming higher this fall |
LSU looks to repeat while Ole Miss looks to be about a middle-of-the-pack SEC team this baseball season.  I can't really attest to the accuracy of such prognostications, so let's hope BWE has some thoughts on this.

A.D. BLOG: Nike Asian Tour, Part 1 |
Just don't do anything racist, Pete.  (We have no reason to assume he will, Spirit posters.  Don't worry, we're just offering friendly advice.)

SEC West Recruiting Notes | ESPN
Here is some pretty good, yet brief, information on each of the SEC West's recruiting classes so far.  Here are our needs, per Chris Low.  I found it interesting that Low suggests we need more halfbacks, despite having approximately 34 currently on scholarship.  Of course, he does go on to clarify that we need to replace Dexter McCluster somehow which is, of course, an impossible feat to accomplish. 

Carlos Thompson to Commit Somewhere Soon | Brandt
The bigtime defensive end out of Hollandale-Simmons High School would certainly solidify our defensive line class as one of the nation's best.  While he hasn't said he's leaning one way or another, this bloggeur would be surprised if he committed to anywhere aside from Ole Miss.

More 'crootin talk to come later today.  We promise.