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Rebel Roundup - 1/25/10 - I'm sorry, are you Hungover or something?

Just a Typical Monday Morning
Yep.  Nothing overwhelmingly significant in the realm of MIssissippi sports happened last night.  Nor did something significant in Southern sports or professional football at large take place.  Nope, just your typical NFC Championship game is all.

Jokes aside, congrats to both the Colts and Saints fans, of which there are many in the Ole Miss Rebel community.  This year's Superbowl should be a good one and, Saints victory pending (fingers crossed), this year's Mardi Gras is going to be the greatest party the North American continent has ever seen.

Lady Rebels on a Roll | Fanshot from weloveum
Weloveum, an apparent group of Ole Miss Lady Rebel basketball fans, has written a great, albeit brief fanshot on how well our lady basketball team has performed thus far and what the road ahead looks like.  Give it a read and, weloveum, please keep the good stuff coming.

Rebels Upset No. 8 Georgia In Athens |
Yeah, that happened.  Bianca Thomas stole the show again as she hit a late three-point basket to put the Rebels ahead of the top-10 Georgia Bulldogs.  This is the first time Ole Miss Lady Rebel basketball has won in Athens, ever.  EVAR.  While very quietly, due to our nationally-ranked mens squad's great performances this week, Renee Ladner has this basketball team on a roll like butter.  They're hot like a pistol.  They're [adjective] like a(n) [appropriate noun].

Final: No. 22 Ole Miss 73, LSU 63 | Clarion-Ledger
And yeah, that also happened.  We all saw it and I know we've written about it, but here's what El Brandto has to say.  The live thread on Saturday was good and I hope all of those who participated enjoyed it as much as the rest of us.  I know that this LSU team isn't very good at all, but there is something to be said for winning in Baton Rouge while your best player was essentially a non-factor.

That's Really It for Ole Miss News and Notes
Everybody's writing about the Saints.  Go figure.  Oh, while I've got you, I'd like to encourage you to visit Stampede Blue and Canal Street Chronicles for all of the Colts and Saints information you'll ever need over the next two weeks.  They have sorta taken the sports spotlight from everybody today so I'll go ahead and let it continue to shine in their direction.