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Rebel Roundup - 1/22/10

Nutt Promotes Tyrone Nix To Assistant Head Coach |
Get money, Tyrone. After two dedicated years coaching our defense and recruiting, Nix deserves this. Initially, this looks like some sort of "head coach in waiting" type gig, but I wouldn't call it that just yet.

Lady Bulldogs Fall On The Road Against Lady Rebels |
The Lady Rebels are now 4-1 in SEC play and are looking like one of the conference's best thus far. Bianca Thomas had another good game but we'd be remiss to omit that the Rebels shot 57.7 percent from the floor as a team during the 2nd half.

NCAA College Basketball Power Rankings | ESPN
Kentucky is the obvious choice at number one while our Rebels barely fit in the latest Power Rankings from ESPN.

Noxubee standout Sanders tops guest list | The Clarion-Ledger
Vincent Sanders, Carlos Thompson, and Shon Coleman (apparently so) are the big names who are amongst the nearly 20 prospects who are visiting Ole Miss this weekend. If we take advantage of this weekend and reel in some of these guys, then we'll have a helluva recruiting class.

Boston College Eagles' Mark Herzlich returns from cancer treatment | ESPN Boston
This is not Ole Miss or even SEC related, but important to college football nonetheless. If y'all will remember last offseason, Boston College Linebacker and ACC Defender of the Year Mark Herzlich was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his legs. Now, after a year of treatment and medical procedures, Mark is back on the field and should be ready to play for the Eagles this fall. Congratulations to Mark; his family; and the Boston College coaches, players, and fans.