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Rebel Roundup - 1/20/10 - South Carolina Gameday

Notoriety slows down Holloway | The Clarion-Ledger
Brandt has also noticed Murph's slump since the beginning of SEC play.  He, as well as the coaching staff, attributes this to coaches keying in on Holloway, something the sophomore forward did not at all expect. 

USC faces hot-shooting Rebels | Anderson Independent Mail
Southern Cal?  Oh, it's that USC, the one that got sued by the other USC for using their name.  Anyway, here's some perspective on tonight's basketball matchup from a Gamecocks oriented site.

South Carolina-Mississippi Preview |
And then the mainstream CBS take on it.  Our difficulties in defeating South Carolina and the scoring abilities of Devan Downey are discussed, neither of which are factors to this game which can be stressed enough.

Quadarias Mireles’ status with Ole Miss uncertain | High School Buzz
A big time wide receiver prospect (the next Dexter McCluster, ver. 13.0, according to the Spirit) who has committed to our Rebels is now wavering in his commitment.  Why?  Because da U comes callin'.  If you're from South Florida and don't answer the call of da U, the shunning glances you'll be getting from your friends and family will be too much to bear.

Why Did Jevan Snead Declare for the NFL Draft? | Team Speed Kills
Team Speed Kills argues that Snead will likely not have a great NFL career due to his league-leading interceptions tally.  Not exactly a stunning conclusion to reach, but they've got charts and historical precedence and shit to back up their claim.

I Too Have a Dream | BCS Evolution
BCS Evolution takes a look at the racial history of college football and the struggles and efforts endured to allow people of all backgrounds to play the sport we all love the most.  It's a decent read, presenting interesting information and not at all getting preachy or high-horsed.