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An Abridged Cotton Bowl Prediction

I ask you all to pardon me for the length of this preview. It's late, and I'm in Dallas. Three dollar wine will get you every time.

As you all know, our team has been horribly inconsistent as of late. One game, we play like an elite group of athletes and coaches. The next, we're talentless, uncoached buffoons.

I expect that for tomorrow's game, we will still be somewhat unsure of ourselves after the debilitating loss to Mississippi State (or Pississippi State as a Spirit poster might know them), and that could easily carry over into the game. I know we'll be motivated, but so will Okie State. They were just crushed by their rival in the final game of their season.

Dexter should have a big day, but Jevan will still probably continue to struggle with the same issues that have hurt him all year. The line play doesn't protect the passer well, he makes poor decisions under pressure, he can't spot blitzes, he can't look off receivers, and he can't audible.

The defense may be solid, or they may play lazy, missed assignment football like they did against Chris Relf of MSU.

I know this isn't the popular pick at the moment, I'm even alone among my fellow bloggeurs, but I'm saying Oklahoma State by ten.

What's your prediction?