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Rebel Roundup - 1/19/10

Thomas Tabbed SEC Player Of The Week |
After scoring 40-something on the then-number 12 LSU Tigers, I would hope Bianca would be given SEC PotW honors.  Congratlations again, Bianca.

Mississippi State University, Ole Miss both earn Top 25 rankings | Kyle Veazey
Mississippi State and Ole Miss are both in the Associated Press top 25 college basketball poll that was released today.  I linked Kyle Veazey's blog because, deep down inside, he's an Ole Miss Rebel trapped in Starkville.  It's okay, Kyle, a search and rescue team was recently deployed to Oktibbeha County.

My Top 25 in college basketball at Ole Miss sports | Brandt
WHY THE NEGATIVE SLANT DAVID?!?! He has Mississippi State at 19 and Ole Miss outside of the top-25 altogether. Naturally, his readers think this is bullshit. I think it's slight bullshit in that State is really only being given credit for defeating Ole Miss. Nobody is voting them highly for squeaking past UGA and Arkansas at home, nor are they forgiving their losses to Rider, Richmond, and whatever other school we mock them for losing to. But, if you can't continue voting for a team which just lost 2 of the last 3, then I understand.

GAME NOTES: Rebels Return Home For Gamecocks |
Here are the official game notes for this Wednesday's almost-must-win basketball game.  One Man and Juco will be at the game (like, in person) so be on the lookout for two incredibly goofy looking guys who are way to old to be in the student section.

Looking back at the decade in the SEC | SEC Blog - ESPN
Chris Low looks at the past decade of SEC football. Naturally, he discusses BCS titles, Tim Tebow, and coaching changes. The latter sees him going very little beyond Alabama and Florida which, considering the situation surrounding the Houston Nutt firing and firing, I found a bit surprising. He also did not mention the return of a Manning to the college game with Eli having his dominant senior season but perhaps that isn't as big of a news story as this Rebel would like to think.