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Rebel Roundup - 1/18/10 - MLK Day

Ole Miss Suffers OT Road Loss At No. 9 Tennessee |
Here's the official site's rundown of what happened this last Saturday. It sucked, we know. Leading for something like 90% of the game, only to lose due to poor ball handling in overtime, sucks. Starting 1-2 in conference sucks. But, remember, so long as we make the dance, we're sitting pretty.

But, the Lady Rebels Upset No. 12 LSU, 80-71 |
Our very own Bianca Thomas leads the SEC in scoring with 21.7 points a game. That's a lot. You know what else is a lot? The 42 she dropped on LSU this past weekend. This was a fantastic victory for a club which had come up so painfully short against similar competition (ranked Texas and Ohio State squads come to mind). Still, with a 12-5 overall record and a 3-1 in conference mark, Renee Ladner's team has a legitimate shot to make the tourney.

Team of the Decade |
Patrick Willis is on another all-Decade list at linebacker.  Somewhere, a Penn State fan is pissed because Paul Poszlusnyunyunylluzsxny isn't on there.

Avatar, Sandra Bullock Soar at Golden Globes | iVillage

Sandra Bullock won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side, a movie which hopefully all of you good Rebels saw. Congrats, Sandra, Leigh Anne, Michael Oher, Michael Lewis, and everyone who put this movie together. While the college football blogosphere generally does not like The Blind Side, we at the Cup do. Anything which counts as "good press for Ole Miss" is a-ok on this site.