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If I Were Coach

I don't pretend to know a lot about basketball strategy, but there are a few things I would do if I were in Andy Kennedy's shoes. Most relate to personnel management as opposed to "X's and O's" because I'd be lost if I tried to write about the latter. So, if I were coach, I would:

1. Play Zach Graham for 30 minutes per game.

So far this season (which is nearly halfway over), Graham has been our most consistent player. He's shooting 47% from behind the arc, but he's averaging fewer minutes than Warren, Terrico, Polynice, and Holloway. Hell, he's only averaging eight minutes more per game than TREVOR GASKINS. For those of you who say, "well of course he's not in the game as much as Warren, White, or Polynice," ask yourselves one question: why not? If your answer is, "because those guys are our star players," you don't understand logical arguments.

Graham is maybe our best on-ball defender. He is also probably our best passer, and, at least statistically, he's our best three point shooter. Did I mention that he's 6'5"?

2. Let Terrence Henry have more of Deaundre Cranston's minutes.

Buckner, Henry and Cranston need to rotate in and out at the 5, with something like a 25/17/6 minute sequence. I'm not of the popular opinion that Deaundre Cranston is worthless to the team, but I do think that he's a role player who gets the minutes of a significant contributor. Terrance Henry on the other hand is a significant contributor who gets the minutes of a role player. Henry averages fewer minutes than Cranston but also averages more points, more blocks, a 12% higher field goal percentage, a higher free throw percentage, and a 30% higher three point percentage (not that a statistic like that should matter for this position). I think that the only thing keeping Henry from more minutes is his penchant to hang out around the three point line on offense. Still, you have to think that's something he could be coached not to do.

3. Don't let Trevor Gaskins have more than ten minutes per game until he earns it.

This team has four guards that should see significantly more playing time than Gaskins. With Warren playing around 35 minutes per game, that leaves two spots for three players better than Gaskins. Just like with Deaundre, I'm not convinced that Gaskins is a bad player. I think he can be used very well in the right situation, but this 16 minutes a game stuff has got to stop.

4. Make Terrico White the focal point of the offense.

He can take over a game. See: the first three minutes of the second half against UGA. I am worried that he will go to the NBA and frustrate Ole Miss fans for a long time, filling our heads with thoughts of "why did we not do this with him when he was in Oxford." I like Chris Warren. Everybody at the Cup likes Chris Warren. But Terrico White is a dominant player who needs to take over.


So those are my opinions, for which I'm sure I'll be attacked. But whatever, I don't care; I'm a bloggeur. What are your opinions on the basketball team and what can be done differently?