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Rebel Roundup - 1/15/10

Grove Bowl to April 17 |
Now I'm not so sure I'll be able to make it down to the 'Ssip for the Grove Bowl.  I'll probably still try to be there for Double Decker.  That is, unless Simon and Garfunkel (yes, that Simon and Garfunkel) in New Orleans pulls me away.  Damn you, conflicting events of personal significance!

SEC's Top-10 Moments of 2009 | ESPN
Chris Low has our Rebels in his top-10 twice.  Once for McCluster's record-setting performance against Lane Kiffin's Volunteers, and once again for LSU's SNAFU to sqander a perfectly fantastic opportunity to yet again rip our Rebel hearts out.

Hoops Power Poll | Garnet and Black Attack
The Rebels drop from number two to number five after a home loss to State, Tennessee's win over the then-#1 Jayhawks, and Vanderbilt's undefeated in-conference record thus far.  This Power Poll is published at Garnet and Black Attack, SBNation's premier source for South Carolina Gamecocks News.  It is not published at Team Speed Kills.  Anyone who would make such a foolish mistake is a moron who should be banned from the internet.

Cutcliffe to Stay at Duke | ESPN
Damn...  The search continues in Knoxville as the once-Rebel head coach has turned down the program which established him as an elite quarterbacks coach.  What is happening to this football program?