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Rebel Roundup - 1/13/10 - Slow News Day...

Well, There's my Excuse
I am sure we are not gonna get a whole lot of actual paycheck-earnin' work done today.  The SEC Internet realm will be far too entertaining for really any of us who follow the greatest sport on this planet to actually do a damn thing.

Ed Orgeron trying to screw UT football one last time | YouTube
The Recruitinator never stops 'crootin.  It's a zero-sum game, and Ed Orgeron knows this and will sacrifice public image and those who were once his employers (and by "once his employers" I mean "he was likely doing this while still wearing a Tennessee polo") to get ahead.

SEC players invited to the NFL combine | SEC Blog - ESPN
Wait, you mean not-Kiffin news? 

Yes.  We'll write more on that later.  Promise. 

Now, back on track, the Rebels who will be attending the NFL combine are the usual suspects.  McCluster, Marshay, Trahan, K. Lew, John Jerry, et cetera.  Congratulations on your Rebel careers and thank you all for the two Cotton Bowl wins.  Get money, y'all.

SEC all-bowl team | College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
Dex, Baby J, Pat Trahan, and K. Lew are all a part of ESPN's Southeastern Conference all-bowl team.  Naturally, ESPN's Chris Low selected Lewis and Trahan for creating a ton of Cowboy turnovers, John Jerry for being the biomass bulldozer, and Dexter McCluster for not being a part of your system.

All-Bowl Team: Of course Tebow is on it |
And so is Dex.  CBS Sports has Dexter as their all-bowl running back for his 180-something yards rushing and 86 yard touchdown scamper to put the first points on the board against Oklahoma State.

Hardy, Shene Competing in East-West Shrine Game |
Greg Hardy and Joshua Shene will be competing in the 85th annual East-West Shrine Game to be held Jan. 23 at the Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando.  I didn't know this game, you know, existed.  Oh well, congrats to Joshua and gr3gxxz.