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Congratulations and thank you to everyone who joined us in our pick 'em pools this season.  We had fun picking every week as a part of Red Cup Radio, just as I hope you had fun listening to us bullshit our way through and hour of podcasting nonsense.

Unfortunately, however, we Cuppers didn't do so hot.  Our readers were the stars this go-around, which begs the question as to why we're the ones actually running this blog.  Questioning of our "legitimacy" as bloggers, aside, here are the winners.

Winning the regular-season pick 'em, a pool which saw yours truly dominate for nearly 3/4 of the season only to shit the bed in a painfully appropriate Rebel fashion, is The Mahatma.  Congratulations, The Mahatma:


Winning our post-season Bowl Pick 'em is domereb who successfully picked 22 of the 34 bowl winners, the only player to do so. UMBAI actually won the "scoring" battle, but asking people to rank 34 games with confidence points is silly. Sorry UMBAI, perhaps you shouldn't have picked Southern Miss to win (I did too, lay off). As an aside, Jay Berwanger was the closest to picking the score of the BCS Championship game, as he was only off by a field goal, predicting a 37-24 Alabama victory. Congratulations to everyone, and domereb: 


I love Google Images.