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Rebel Roundup - 1/10/10 - OMG it's like Binary!

I'm going to be brief with this
I've got stuff to do.  I'll blawg later today, don't worry.  We'll have a look back at the five best and worst moments of 2009, some Jevan Snead talk, etc.  This should be a decent week of hot cup-on-cup action.

SEC Hoops Power Poll Results: January 3-9 | Garnet And Black Attack
Since Juco or Ivory didn't link this earlier as I had requested (CALLED OUT, YOU ARE), here are the results from the first week of the SEC Basketball Power Poll.  Our Rebs came in at number two before dropping the heartbreaker to Mississippi State.  I doubt they'll drop too far throughout the season, however, as the entire conference--outside of we Rebels, they BullFrAuDs, the Wildcats and the Volunteers--has looked pretty weak.

Final: Mississippi State 80, No. 14 Ole Miss 75 | Brandt
David Brant's blog has some observations and insight on Saturday's loss.  Read it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010 Mississippi St. Bulldogs |
Or, if you'd like a more neutral, official, and "respected" source, here's USAToday's take on it.

What we learned | The Clarion-Ledger
More roundball Egg Bowl coverage from "Mississippi's #1 Website," whatever that means or however that dubious claim is determined.