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Rebel Roundup - 9/9/09 OMG COOL DATE! - Swine Flu and other notes

Rebels up to number 6 in the AP Poll |
This is the highest ranking Ole Miss has had since the 1970's.  You've gotta imagine that after what are essentially two bye weeks (somewhere, a SELA fan is pissed) Ole Miss could jump up a spot.  The USC/Ohio State game will have a lot to do with this. 

Patrick Patterson Asked to Re-take ACT | Brandt
Don't worry.  He's fine.  The rumor is that some LEGHUMPER snitched on him for something that never actually happened.  I have no idea whether or not that is true but, to further the stereotype of the "lmao jealous Dan Mullet bullfraud$," I'll believe it.

Lots of Goodies from
Check it:
-Damn near 20 Rebels miss practice with Swine Flu
-Corch Hurrstun Nurtt (a dollar* to anyone who gets the reference) and his Monday presser
-DT Shackleford is a baller who we will see significant action from this season
-Quotes from DC Tyrone Nix and OC Kent Austin on the Memphis game

*not really