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NCAAF Fill-in-the-blank Limericks

For the witless and illiterate among you, one of the simplest but most fun forms of poetry is the limerick.  To syllogize, they are to literature as the cheesy double beef burrito is to cuisine - brief, tasty, cheap, and hazardous to health in large quantities.

The game is played like this:  I offer the first 4.8 lines of couplet/triplet combo, you provide the final word in the comment section.  Your prize?  Pride and the schadenfreudistic knowledge that you've ruined it for everyone else.

Flex your untrained literary muscle and stroke your already inflated ego after the jump.

They ruined a pregame for many,

And the new ballad's not worth a penny.

He that penned the new jig

Shares the same name as Big.

Most guys can't stand guys who're named _____________.


They've a decade of chiefs who are jokes,

But I doubt you hear laughs from all folks.

There'll be no dog derision

From the Eastern Division.

Classic City's been tamed by the _________.


A few points Polytechnic could cobble,

But the pachyderms made not a bobble.

There was no special team

That could make real the dream.

In defeat, Tech made hardly a ____________.


Should we offer our praise and best wishes

To the eaters of easy caught fishes?

Much was scored by the Hawgs

The Commodores and the Dawgs

In buffets of FCS __________.


'Twas a conquest not won by the Normans.

Bob's not suited for "BCS Doorman."

And even Kentucky

I bet, were they lucky,

Could win a neutral site game against _____________.