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Rebel of the Week Poll Result - Week 1

As of the moment of this sentence being written, Johnny Brown has 158 votes, while Dexter McCluster has 145. This poll was very interesting. Dexter jumped out to a huge lead, but Johnny fought back hard and finally overcame what seemed to be an insurmountable lead by McCluster.I think we all know the reason for the uncanny number of votes for Brown today and yesterday.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Johnny Brown, with 15 tackles in the game, was fighting the flu during the entire game. Brown threw up on the sideline and had to be given an IV at halftime. Still, "Touchdown" Johnny Brown would not be denied the opportunity to shine during his first start at strong safety. Brown had a huge interception early in the game that, while not actually leading to a turnover (due to a Brown "fumble"), pinned Memphis farther back down the field, giving the defense good field position.

Brown was all over the field on Sunday, and several times his tackles saved a would-be huge play from occuring.

So this one's to you Johnny. You earned it.