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Week One Ballots

Every Tuesday we will have our ballots for both the CBS/MGOBlog Blogpoll and the SEC Power Poll up for your comments and criticism. If there is great outcry over something we have written, we can change it in our final submissions to the respective polls. First, the BlogPoll:

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama 2
4 Southern Cal
5 Oklahoma State 7
6 California 11
7 Mississippi 1
8 Oklahoma 5
9 Brigham Young 11
10 Penn State 4
11 Ohio State 1
12 Boise State 3
13 Virginia Tech 6
14 LSU 5
15 Georgia Tech 4
16 TCU 3
17 North Carolina
18 Nebraska
19 Notre Dame 3
20 Miami (Florida) 3
21 Georgia 10
22 Southern Miss
23 Missouri
24 Utah
25 Florida State 4
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oregon (#14), Kansas (#22), Illinois (#24), Pittsburgh (#25).


Next, the SEC Power Poll ballot:

Editor's note: I know there was a cutsey little table with pictures of Phil Fulmer being fat 'n' such in last year's ballot.  I'll re-make one for this season once I get the time.  Deal, homies.

1. Florida- Foregone conclusion.  Tim Tebow.  Blablabla.

2. Alabama - Wow.  What a defense.  The Tide's defenders are all gigantic, fast, and able to play through gunshot wounds.  Everyone they face will have their hands full.

3. Ole Miss - An ugly blowout of Memphis shouldn't dislodge Ole Miss from the top-3 on this poll.  If Snead is at his best, the Rebel offense will be tough to stop.

4. LSU- If Washington had playmakers outside of Jake Locker, they would have won.  LSU better tighten up on D or they will improve very little on last year's win total.

5. UGA- Either Okie State's D is legit, or UGA's O is just that bad.  Perhaps it's a bit of both.

6. Arkansas - They were methodical and efficient in their season opener.  If they can remain such against someone in a real conference, they'll be solid on the season.

7. Tennessee- I know it was against WKU, but Johnathan Crompton actually looked, you know, like he knew what he was doing out there.

8. Kentucky- It's hard to make something out of a throttling of the MAC's worst team.

9. Auburn- Maybe Gus Malzhan will find Auburn's playmakers.  If he does, they'll score way more often than they did last season...  Whatever that means.

10. South Carolina- It is so hard to be impressed with their game against NC State.  Could this be the most anemic offense Spurrier has assembled?

11. Vanderbilt- The Commodore performance is along the same lines as Arkansas' and Mississippi State's: do that against a bowl team and you'll impress me.

12. DAN MULLETHEAD- Oooh this should be fun!  A little table-turnage, if you will: Mississippi State!  How dare you bigots beat up on poor little Jackson State like that!  THAT'S RRRRACIST!


Notes: as I see it, the only real surprises in our ballots come with Penn State and Notre Dame actually dropping, despite impressive opening weekends.  Unfortunately for the Nittany Lions and Catholics, the Cowboys, Mormons, and hippies were far more impressive.  There was some contention amongst the Cuppers as to the place of the Oklahoma Sooners, especially with regards to their placement relevant to Ole Miss.  Being as how the BlogPoll is ideally resume-based, the Sooners and their resume, which reads "we lost to a team we were heavily favored against and our two most significant offensive weapons are injured," should be a smidge below the Rebs.  The SEC PowerPoll is somewhat obvious, with perhaps Tennessee being a bit of a surprise.  In other news, Ivory Tower actually had the Vols ranked in his blogpoll submission...  Make fun of him, please.