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Rebel Roundup - 9/8/09

We took the day off yesterday
Get over it.  There will be a post-splosion today so come early and come often.  We've got lots to do. 

Dozen Ole Miss Rebels hit by Flu-like Symptoms | 
Well damn, that explains a lot.  Clayton Moore, Jevan Snead's roommate, is one of the many Rebels with (what I am assuming is) Swine Flu, likely already exposing the star quarterback.  What is also especially badass is Johnny Brown playing through his illness; even throwing up on the sidelines (take that, Liberty Bowl) and taking intravenous fluids at the half.  Get it, Johnny.

Are You Buying the Ole Miss Rebels | FanPost
I'll bite.  I normally wouldn't link to a plug in the FanPosts but I'll see what this guy has to say.  I'd suggest you do to.

NY Post Inadvertently sums-up the fall of Miami-Florida State | Dr. Saturday
So it isn't exclusively an Ole Miss/Mississippi State problem!  That makes me feel much, much better about all of this.  If the national media can screw up Miami vs. Florida state as Miami (OH) vs. Florida (Gators) then they're capable of any asinine media gaff.  I've said it a thousand times: New Yorkers should not be allowed to opine on college football, ever.  You let us make up your mind for you, and if I ever need an idea as to what's going on in the AL East race I'll shout y'all a holla.  Cool?