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Rebel Roundup - 9/7/09 - Not Very Labor Intensive

What else is there?
Memphis.  We beat them.  By a lot.  We played horrible ball and still blew them out.  There.  Other than that, have a happy Labor Day or whatever.

Snead, Rebels shake slow start to put down Tigers | ESPN

This is ESPN's game recap, complete with a highlight reel.

Ole Miss finishes Memphis' football fun on field, in stands | The Commercial Appeal
Here's the Commercial Appeal's recap which mentions little on-field action in favor of talking about Memphis tailgates and fan antics.  Apparently, Memphis fans tried to get the tritest and most uninspiring of stadium antics, the "wave," started during yesterday's game, only to have it thwarted by unwilling Rebel fans.  Good work, Rebs.  The wave is lame and you know it.  The comments under the recap are more-or-less what we've come to expect: inexplicable vitriol and poor spelling.

Rebs finds groove in 4th quarter in season-opening rout of Tigers | The Clarion-Ledger
And finally, Brandt's recap.  He does a good job focusing on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde like performance of the offense, even making a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reference!

This is not a drill.  Go to a Chick-fil-A today while wearing your favorite piece of Ole Miss apparel and get a free chicken sandwich.  If you don't, you'll feel like a damn idiot while all of your friends eat their sandwiches and talk about how delicious and free they are.