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Rebel Roundup - 9/4/09

Football Started
Did you Miss it?  How?  While not a night of thrilling offenses and spectacular defenses, last night had football which is something the previous couple-hundred days or so cannot boast.  If you missed it and get your news exclusively from the Cup (why?), you likely didn't see one of Oregon's almost-Rebels (a la Joe McKnight or Kieland Williams) skraight up jack the jaw of some Boise St. Bronco after the game.  I hope I am not the only one who feels this way when I say "thank the Lawrd that Orgeron didn't land that piece of garbage."  I know we've had some players commit some pretty heinous actions in the past, but I cannot recall a Rebel hitting a guy who said something that huwted his feewings after the game was over.  If one of our players pulls something similar this year, I'll be disappointed.  Seriously.

Houston Nutt's Twitter
This is real.  His first Tweet: "Welcome to my OFFICIAL Twitter site, not to be confused with all the imitators. I'll be keeping you posted as we gear up for a fun 2009!"  Yeah, there were some imitators.  They were Hog fans saying the same old shit they always say and generally being unoriginal and unamusing.  And yeah, you best buh-lee dat the Cup has him on Follow.

Babbling Brooks: Tigers do not deserve ranking | Daily Reveille
An LSU Tiger not only discussing the folly of preseason polls but also the idea that LSU may be a bit overrated?  Really?  It is hard to believe, but so very real.

Ole Miss center Daverin Geralds puts smarts on the line | The Commercial Appeal
Ole Miss Rebel Center Daverin Geralds, an unheralded element of our line, is apparently a damned good speller.  Dude's also pretty good at math.  According to the article "(h)e has finished most of his undergraduate work in advanced calculus and theory. Whenever his football career wraps up, he plans to return to school for a master's degree in math or computer science."