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Rebel of the Week Results - Week 3

Even though I voted for Cassius Vaughn, I'm not surprised that Dexter won the award. While Cassius broke up several passes that had potential for big plays, Dexter made big plays. If only we had mixed in his runs all throughout the game instead of only going to him in the fourth quarter, I think the game would have turned out differently. The Gamecocks simply could not stop "Dexter Right."

This brings me to something that I witnessed the other day. While perusing the illustrious, fantastic, underheralded, I came upon an interesting thread in response to Dexter's play. In it, there were several people who felt we should have run up the middle with Dexter significantly more. With them, I agree.

However, there was another poster, who I believe is indicative of at least 20% of our fanbase who said something of this migraine-inducing nature:

When we ran that play over and over against South Carolina, we looked like a damn high school offense. It was pathetic. I don't want to see us do anything like that ever again.

Yeah. I don't want to see us go 83 yards with our offense in a short timespan ever again. Let's just stick to reverse passes. At least they're complex, right?

By the way, that drive was excellent. We lulled the defense to sleep with Dexter running up the middle. Then we faked to him and threw to a wide open Markeith Summers. Summers was so open because the safeties crept up into the box to stop the Dexter run. If you're paying attention, that play was at least 200% set up by NCAA 2010 standards.

So yeah. Thanks Dexter. You helped get us back in the game and fire everyone up. It wasn't enough to win us the game, but because of you, I never totally lost hope.