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Rebel Roundup - 9/30/09

EDIT: Milestone of sorts
We just eclipsed the 500 member mark.  While perhaps no more than a few dozen folks are dedicated commentators, we have had 509 folks check the little checkbox and click the ok to join RCR.  That's pretty neat.  I remember when we started doing this, Juco and I thought that if we could just get 500 visits that would be huge.  Suffice it to say, we never thought this would become what it has or be nearly as fun.  Thanks. 

Oh, and for the record, Skip Bayless' Haircut was our 500th member.  For the ESPN loud asshole talking head reference and the proper use of the apostrophe alone, you're fine in my book.

Forde Yard Dash | ESPN
I was expecting another lashing from the worldwide leader in Pat Forde's weekly rundown of all things college football, but was surprised to see him only briefly touch on last-week's on-field abortion of a game.  I guess after a week where four of the top ten teams fell to "lesser" competition, one can evenly distribute the finger-pointing--excepting Penn State, of course.  All hail Joe Pa. [continues to beat an already deceased horse]

Chucky Mullins — 20 years later: What is his legacy? | The Clarion-Ledger
Rick Cleveland, who hates Ole Miss and writes for the Clarion LIAR (/rivalsposter'd), re-tells the Chucky Mullins story in what is the 20th season since his eventually life-ending injury.  There is nothing I can say that Rick doesn't, so give it a read and, for the Bama game, break out your #38 button.  I know you've got one somewhere.

The SEC West One Month In | Team Speed Kills
Here is a premature look at how we and our Western Division foes are faring thus far.  I say "premature" because I'm a bitter Ole Miss Rebel fan who hates the fact that after losing a very close game under very difficult circumstances--the only game of any real consequence we have played thus far--everyone is writing us off.  [is still after that poor, poor horse carcass]  Actually, Year 2 does a pretty good job here in being neutral and realistic.  Quoth the Year 2:

The defense has held up its end of the bargain so far, allowing no more than 14 points in a game, but until Jevan Snead and the offense get back on track, it will be tough to consider the Rebels a true contender to Alabama's throne.

Hard to argue there, blogmigo.

Don't Bet On It! : Week 4 | Dawg Sports
The Mayor (why do people call him that?) says we will beat Vanderbilt.  I agree, T. Kyle King.