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Message Board Idiots AND Blogger Q&A

Generally, these fan-favorite football season topics will be split between two separate posts, but this week is different.  That is because, in attempting to put together my Blogger Q&A, I contacted two Memphis blogs who both said they didn't know anything about the football team and only cared about the basketball program. Go figure.  So, no Blogger Q&A.

So, onto the Message Board Idiots post, I thought.  I visited, a forum which breeds Ole Miss hatred rivaled by few, in order to find quotes to use and subsequently ridicule. Thankfully, that site is full of gems.  Stupid, shiny gems.  I only needed a few to get a little creative and put together what you will most certainly enjoy after the jizzump.

Presenting, an Xtranormal "Blogger Q&A" with a message board idiot. Just a note. I had only used actual quotes, but then Ghost got a hold of the videos. Needless to say they're totally ridiculous now.