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Rebel Roundup - 9/3/09 - The Wait is Over

Football Begins Today
When I woke up this morning, a feeling of a long needed satiation washed over me.  The more I've thought about football today, the greater my excitement has grown.  It is only 8:30 AM Eastern time, but I'm already about as thrilled as this kid:


Red Cup Radio
That kicked off last night.  We had a blast.  Thanks and kudos are in order for our special guest Jason Smith and cameo star Representative Corinne Brown of Florida.  If you missed it, you can click the widget on the right-hand toolbar or--get this--dowload it off of iTunes.  If you've heard it already, did you enjoy it?  Seriously, let us know.  We'd love whatever feedback y'all have.  We only see this show becoming more organized and entertaining (last night's show left much to be desired in the "organization" factor) but we doubt we can get it there without your input.

Ole Miss' Powe means business | SEC - ESPN
From a guy who is pretty high on the Rebels, Chris Low, comes a well written feature on Rebel DT Jerrell Powe.  Powe has really dedicated himself to this season and is more than ready to crack a skull or two.  I think I speak for all of Rebel nation when I say we're looking forward to finally seeing this guy live up to his hype.

Pieces in place for Rebs to break out | The Clarion-Ledger
And from a guy who everyone is convinced hates the Rebels, Rick Cleveland, the Rebs should go 10-2 this season.  Not bad, Rick.  Welcome to the bandwagon. 

Housekeeping Note
We've gotten a ton of new visitors as of late.  Great!  We're glad you're here.  But, let me reiterate that we do things a bit differently around here.  Instead of constantly making attempts to explain ourselves to the newbies who may be put off by what we do, I will simply point to the disclaimer that I have written and placed on the bottom of our left-hand toolbar.