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Rebels in the Pros: Week 3

Another week in the books in THE LEAGUE(see: goal of any male born in Batesville). 

Eli Manning and Patrick Willis have been holding it down for Ole Miss in the pro's so far this season. Let's see if anyone else can sack up and get going.

Charlie Anderson, LB, Miami Dolphins: lost to San Diego Chargers, 1 tkl; So far, this is the Jackson native's first tackle of the year. 

Ken Lucas, CB, Seattle Seahawks: lost to Chicago Bears, 4 tkls; At age 30, Lucas is showing he still has what it takes to play at the highest level of football. I would've loved to see him pick-off Jay Cutler and then give him a talking-to about quality college education.

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants: victorious over Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 14-24, 161 yds, 2 TD; Eli was pretty much toying with the Buc's emotions. TB is not good while Eli is surprisingly better sans Plaxico "Barney Fife" Burress. Manning currently has the fourth highest QB rating in the NFL.

Ashley Palmer, LB, Buffalo Bills: lost to the New Orleans Saints, 1 tkl; Palmer is continuing to get playing time even though he wasn't drafted. He's got to take every chance to make an impression on a team that doesn't look like a contender this year.

Mike Wallace, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers: lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, 7 rec. 102 yds; Wallace pulled down the most single game yardage of the year. He had one long reception of 51 yards showing that his speed is not deceptive by any means.

Patrick Willis, LB, San Francisco 49ers: lost to the Minnesota Vikings, 10 tkls; Willis continues to be a tackling machine, and only a Brett Favre miracle kept his team from winning this week. He played like the defensive captain and leader of the team making plays all game.

Mike Wallace is this week's old balls Rebel of the Week. Reaching the century mark in receiving yards in only his third game as a pro got my attention. It was in a losing effort, but Wallace could catch a lot of attention on a team that has aging WR(Hines Ward).