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Rebel Roundup - 9/29/09

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The SI Cover Jinx Strikes Again! | Sports Illustrated
Andy Staples writes this fictional, likely peyote-induced, conversation with a fellow named "Jinx" about his ability to cause teams which have graced the Sports Illustrated cover to falter.  Jinx brags about him taking out Oregon on opening night, Oklahoma State nine days later, and our Rebels last Thursday.  The story was obviously written before Saturday night because it reads:

I reminded Jinx that we had a fourth regional cover (Penn State), but he held up a paw at the mention of the Nittany Lions. "I don't go after Joe Paterno," he said. "I respect my elders. Besides, you've seen what the Big Ten has done the past few years? They don't need my help."

Well, so much for that.  Obviously, Staples and the fictional Jinx are chatting about the Sports Illustrated regional college football preview magazines.  I'm not at all a superstitious person, but I'll be damned if Ole Miss hasn't absolutely shit the bed after gracing the Sports Illustrated cover over the last couple of years.  Also, I don't know if this is Ellis Johnson being nice or not, but quoth the Johnson:

 (The Rebels are) still a really good football team. They'll show back up. It just looked like they were out of sync or something.

Thanks, Ellis.  I am about damned tired of every single asshole who picked us to do well this season re-neg on their statements and dismiss our Rebels as a paper tiger.  Grow a spine, losers.  Don't go out on a limb only to swiftly scamper back to the trunk once that limb appears bit more dangerous than you anticipated.

Rebels' O-Line to Remain | Brandt
This isn't at all what folks wanted to hear, but our starting front-five will square off against Vanderbilt looking just as they did against South Carolina.  Obviously, without the shaved werewolf that is Eric Norwood, Vanderbilt will be an easier look than South Carolina; however, if we don't see significant improvement over last week's effort, I think it's safe to say that we will need to shuffle the line a bit.

Jevan Snead: not hot | Chris Low
I don't know which Jevan Snead you're lookin' at, Chris, because that guy is a total ho...  Oh, you meant...  Oops.  Wow, that's embarrassing.  Ummm...  You know what let's just move on.

Ole Miss Presents Big Challenge to Vanderbilt | Tennessean dot com
I guess Vanderbilt isn't ever going to fall victim to the daily "X team is over/underrated" meme.  Understandable, Commodores.