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Rebel Roundup - 9/28/09 - Early afternoon edition

The AP and Coaches Polls Don't Respect SCar, Ole Miss | Garnet And Black Attack
In my anti-media diatribe, I said that South Carolina fans should be just as irked by the media double-standards at play here.  Turns out, they are.  Blogmigo Gamecock Man has a good look into this week's polls and how they relate to our Rebels and his 'Cocks.

Rising from the Rubble | Brandt
The Oregon Ducks suffered an embarrassing first week, only to take the Pac 10 drivers seat this past weekend.  Can the Rebels do the same?  Eh, probably not, but we can have our fun, can't we?

The Alphabetical, Week Four | EDSBS
Why?  Because it's funny, that's why.  Also, Orson makes a funny about Bradley Sowell's nightmares.

Brandon Carter is still a whiner | DoubleTNation
I only link this because the Texas Tech offensive line, especially one Brandon "Mudvayne" Carter, endeared themselves to the Ole Miss faithful this past January by stuffing their britches with ass pudding and crying on the field after being manhandled by Peria Jerry's legion of doom for four quarters.  The aforementioned Carter was recently stripped of his team captain title and suspended for the Red Raiders' upcoming game against New Mexico for and made sure to announce this to the world via Twitter.