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Rebel Roundup - 9/25/09 - Aftermath

I'm over my anger and quite sober now so, while I don't necessarily apologize for my rather lurid description of what happened last night, I do want to run it by the bevy of new visitors that we're likely going to have that "this is what we do."  Get over it.  Also, if you're coming here to gloat or fruitlessly talk trash, especially while using poor spelling and grammar, you're getting your shit bAnNiNaTeD.  No, we're not heavy on the banhammer and we have only lowered it on spammers, but take this as your fair warning.  We welcome visitors who actually want to contribute to an internet conversation.  "Ha lmao lol Ole PISS ovErERATTED" and such belongs on Hogville, Tiger Droppings, or whatever internet cesspool from whence you came.  I am not asking you to be an Ole Miss fan.  I'm not even asking you to be nice.  I'm asking you to actually bring something to the table.  I've been in about fiftyleven internet pissing matches and I'm not about to let my website devolve into one.  You've been warned. 

Over-Hyped Rebels Exposed | ESPN
Were we really over hyped Chris?  Wasn't this game everybody's upset special of the week?  Hell, even we Rebel fans were skeptical of our initial top-10 ranking, let alone the undeserved climb up said rankings when other teams fell.  As for "exposed," yeah I'll concede that.  We were certainly exposed as a team with an offensive line that can't pass block, a quarterback who shows the same immaturity he did during last season's early losses, and a coaching staff that really insists on not giving Dexter McCluster the ball--unless it's on some goofy-ass double reverse pass thing.

SBNation Game Stream |
Go here for all of the information from around our fantastic network.  Here you'll see Rebel, Gamecock, and neutral points of view on last night's game.  A fantastic resource, if you ask this (biased) bloggeur.

Rebs go "thud" in SEC opener | Brandt
I mean, really, are we ever going to win an SEC opener?  Not-at-all-fun fact: this is the 2nd time South Carolina has defeated a top five program and their only time to do so at home.  You're welcome, Gamecocks.