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This is out of hand

Or is it?  You know, this is a game many Rebels thought we would lose.  And, it is tough for any team to go undefeated in SEC play.  But for some reason this one stings.  We were supposed to have an all-worldy Quarterback who was throwing to all worldy receivers.  We were supposed to have halfbacks who were worth half a damn.  We were supposed to have an offensive line worth the effort.

We had none of the above.

Our defense was stellar.  We played some lights-out ball despite the low number of turnovers.  Our defense made plays when they mattered.  Our offense, on the other hand, was predictable and boring.

I am certain Arkansas fans, State fans, and their ilk are looking forward to ragging us.  To them I say "fuck you assholes in your fucking necks."  How many teams go undefeated in SEC play?  Ever?  How many (reasonable) Rebel fans thought we'd steamroll the 'Cocks?  Keep believing what you want to believe because it obviously makes you assholes sleep better at night.

Seriously, get fucking hobbies or something.  College football, especially in this conference, is a royal bitch.