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Around the SEC East - Heading into week 4

Since Whiskey Wednesday was greatly injured after refusing to write this piece, this baseball guy is stepping in to give the Cup faithful a little read on the SEC East.  Juco has taken care of the SEC West for us already. After the jump, you can get a glimpse of some of the great (or not so great) players and coaches from around the SEC East and how they've performed thus far.

"But, they're not Rebels.  Why should I care?"

We all know that it's good to branch out every once-in-a-while by poking your head out of your foxhole and checking out what else is happening around you.  This is essentially our attempt at that.  We're doing you a favor, I say, and we will try to do this weekly.


Is there a more over-publicized story than Lane Kiffin and Urban Meyer?  Geez... I feel like I've heard about this for 10 months straight.  Behind the soap opera continued by ESPN, the Gators' offense struggled against Tennessee. There isn't a certain player to highlight here, but there aren't any all-stars as of yet in the receiving corps for Florida.  The team that was supposed to be invincible a the beginning of the season is beginning to look like it needs a "come to Jesus meeting."  A chance at redemption in Lexington awaits this weekend.

After the game against Okie State on opening weekend, Joe Cox looked as if he needed a fifth of whiskey some counseling.  After much criticism, he lit up the skies last weekend to the tune of 18 of 26 for 375 yards and 5 TDs (which ties the school td record) against Arkansas.  Though losing Stafford and Moreno is surely painful, Joe Cox looks like he'll be able to soothe the Georgia faithful for the remainder of the season.  Georgia hosts Arizona State this weekend in Athens.

Rich Brooks has the Wildcats enjoying some of their best non-cheating years by winning three consecutive bowl games.  Last weekend, he also won  by way of a fourth quarter comeback against Louisville for the third straight time.  With Derrick Locke, who racks up all purpose yards and touchdowns like no body's business (310 yds, 2TD last week), and playmaker Randall Cobb Brooks might surprise with the Cats this year.

South Carolina
"The Cocks still have no fire in their offense, but the defense is strong against NC State.  Wait, the Cocks ignite their offense, but lose defensive prowess against Georgia.  Cocks' defense recovers in second half and offense rolls to defeat FAU 38-16"  Well the story keeps changing here, meaning that not much is certain for SC.  I'm sure you've heard of defensive monster Eric Norwood, but a young freshman named Jarvis Giles who had 113 yards on 11 carries is turning heads.  Keep an eye on Giles tonight.  

Lane Kiffin scored some brownie points with his "moral victory" last weekend in the swamp.  When asked about his team's performance, Kiffin said his MVP was actually assistant head coach Ed Orgeron.  "Ed really make this moral victory possible. He's really good about achieving moral victories when you're an underdog.  Recruiting.  Wild Boys.  Singing Rocky Top in the Swamp.  Et cetera."  No superstars have emerged for the Volunteers, and Crompton needs to do a lot better than 93 yards passing and 2 ints every week. They have a chance to recover against Ohio this week.

In a stunning loss to Mississippi State last Saturday, the Vanderbilt offense scored a meager 3 points.  If you'll remember, Soph. QB Larry Smith shined in the Music City Bowl and was supposed to bring some firepower to the Commodore offense.  However, the 'Dores only managed 157 yards of offense against the Bulldogs at home.  Ouch.  This week, Johnson and co. face Rice in Houston.  Look for McKenzie Adams and Larry Smith to rotate at quarterback.