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Rebel Roundup - 9/23/09

Who isn't pumped the Hell up right about now?
Because I sure am.  Tomorrow night, in front of the entire country, our Rebels will either prove they are a legitimate contendor for the SEC West or a team still struggling to find it's identity.  I am very ready.

Ole Miss. vs. South Carolina Preview | CBSSports on YouTube
I'm too lazy to embed it.  It's a Wednesday so just give me a damn break.  Click it though and YouTube it up.

South Carolina Game To Be Aired In The Grove |
I like this idea.  If you're in Oxford on Thursday and would like a pseudo-gameday experience without actually driving several hundred miles to the Palmetto State, the Grove will be open for you.  The game will be broadcast live on the Grove stage which apparently has a movie screen or something attached to it.  Should be fun.  Old people: frumpily nibble on room temperature chicken wings and brag about whatever Mary Sue learned in Sunday school.  Students: get drunk and embarrass yourselves.  It'd be more authentic that way.

Ole Miss Campus Report: Week 4 | The Godfrey Show
Halpert does it again.  If the student FotC survives the Bama weekend with the ability to process the English language from raw thought into the typed word, then his Campus Report come the middle of October should be pretty entertaining.

Observe the Budding Dominance of Eric Norwood | Mocking the Draft
I'm not going to sugarcoat this one at all: Eric Norwood scares the hell out of me.  He's a versatile weapon who will be facing an inexperienced couple of blockers on the Rebel line.  Mocking the Draft, SBN's NFL Draft coverage blog, has some of his highlights.