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Week 3 Ballots

Listen here Penn State, Oklahoma, Miami, and others that may be put off by our ranking of the Rebels as bizarrely high as the AP poll itself has us ranked: we know it's odd and we know we haven't really "proven" anything, but this is fun to us.  It's new.  We're in the top five and we want to enjoy it for however long it lasts.  So, on with the BlogPoll:

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida
2 Texas
3 Alabama 1
4 Mississippi 1
5 Penn State 3
6 California 1
7 Miami (Florida) 11
8 Boise State 1
9 LSU 2
10 Virginia Tech 2
11 Cincinnati 12
12 Southern Cal 9
13 Houston 6
14 Ohio State 1
15 Florida State
16 Oklahoma 6
17 Kansas 7
18 Michigan 3
19 North Carolina 3
20 Oklahoma State 5
21 TCU 5
22 Georgia 2
23 Brigham Young 17
24 Nebraska 7
25 Washington
Last week's ballot
Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#14), Utah (#25).
Also Receiving Votes: Auburn, Mizzou, Notre Dame, and Southern Miss



  1. FLORIDA - I mean, really, who in the hell else are we going to put here?
  2. ALABAMA - Same here.
  3. OLE MISS - Once again.
  4. UGA - So it turns out Joe Cox isn't terrible.  That, or South Carolina and Arkansas have the worst pass defenses in the conference.
  5. AUBURN - Fine, fine, Gus Malzhan coaches a good offense.  There, we all know it now.  Still, it's hard to say Auburn "won" against a WVU team which outgained them in every significant offensive statistic only to cough up six turnovers.
  6. LSU - Their defense hasn't been the same since Bo Pelini left. 
  7. ARKANSAS - If they had a defense of which to speak they would be a force with which to reckon.
  8. TENNESSEE - Solid defense, putrid offense.
  9. SOUTH CAROLINA - This team is a tough one to figure out.  Let's hope for the best for our Rebels come Thursday night.
  10. MISSISSIPPI STATE - Fine, fine, you won an SEC game.  Here.  Here's your 10th place prize.
  11. KENTUCKY - Beating Louisville isn't what it used to be.
  12. VANDERBILT - Ugh...  don't even talk to me, Vanderbilt.  We ask you to do one thing, just one, and you go and ruin it.