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I swear we'll involve ourselves with, you know, analysis 'n' shit on the upcoming game.  But first, let's take a look at some grainy flash videos involving some drunk Gamecocks fans because that requires very little effort on my part and should keep the easily entertained occupied for at least six or seven minutes.

This first guy claims to be "drunk" in the video.  By "drunk," I am very certain he meant "incredibly high on methamphetamines OH DEAR GOD THE GNOMES ARE ATTACKING AGAIN."

Next comes who I am very certain is Cock 'n' Fire dropping an F-bomb on live television.  Apologies for the poor quality.  This person decided that a screen capture was bush league so he opted for the "Sony Handicam filming my television" approach.

YouTube channel ChickenCursedotCom is stuffed with silliness.  I got a good laugh out of this one which involves Stephen Garcia attempting to thwart Steve Spurrier's anti-DUI PSA.

And then there's this, ummm, thing brought to you by the ever present and never disappointing collective known as "LSU fans."


"Hey Boudreaux, quick, let's make a sexual innuendeaux out of South Carolina's mascot!  I doubt anybody has ever done that one.  Oh, I can only hope it catches on in a student section of individuals who never fall victim to obscenely violent and homeristic group think!" 

"Oh Thibedeaux, I agree!  This should be thrilling!  Oh, dear, do you see them?  South Carolina fans!  'HAY!  HAY!  YOU!  YEAH YOU I SAID TIGUH BAIT YOU QUEEEEEEEEERS!' " 

</obligatory and frivolous LSU hate>